I’m posting the first in a series of articles that focus on businesses experiencing success through international expansion. Rather than looking at international giants, I would like to concentrate on small-to-medium businesses. Of interest are a company’s international expansion timelines, strategies, and marketing.

Veristat LLC is a Contract Research Organization…

Mercedes-Benz had a vision of a vehicle that was opulent in all aspects, long before the iconic supercars that grace the covers of automotive magazines came into being. This car would be breathtakingly exquisite from the exterior, and under the hood, it would harness immense power. …

What Is VTO?

VTO is an employee benefit modelled after Paid Time Off (PTO), allowing employees to volunteer with non-profit organizations. Many volunteer opportunities occur during regular business hours, enabling employees to plan time for helping causes they care about.

VTO is growing in popularity. A group called Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose…

Michael Luzich

Michael Luzich is a Las Vegas businessman, founder of Luzich Partners, and an international racer & racecar collector. Learn more at http://michaelluzich.org

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